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Looking for more than a keynote speaker?

Go beyond the keynote speaker with corporate education training interactive workshops and custom-tailored consulting programs that create lasting change with radical results. Big Spark’s professional development programs, led by corporate speaking experts, provide world-class training and business expert guidance from strategy execution, ensuring positive transformational change.


HM Media

HM MEDIA is a global media company that works extensively with advertising; developing knowledge and experience with media advertising in over 60 countries worldwide.

We are an international media agency based in Denmark and Switzerland specializing in cross-border online and offline advertising, covering all media, including special interest sites, blogs, search engines, newsletters/emails, etc.

Since 1999, our client portfolio has highlighted major retail financial platforms with SaxoBank, MIG, FxPro, Goldman Sachs, HMS Markets, Julius Baar, ACM, and E*Trade. We cater to the high expectations of our luxury clients in horology, jewelry, and travel. Through these diverse relationships, we have established a well-respected name and reputation within the media community.


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Our speaker is full of life and provides a life-changing speeches. we believe to bring a change in society and with our shows we achieve it.

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Our clients and speaker is reputed and famous in their fields. 


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