Tarannum Dobriyal- Mentalist

Tarannum Dobriyal is an established and one of her kind mentalist in India. She is an expert trainer in spiritual healing, NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapy and telepathy practitioner. She is currently Founder Director of Enlightenment, a one of its king life coaching organization.

Tarannum has Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, with over 20 years of experience in partnering with Multinational companies, Public Sector and Non-Profit Organizations to build stronger, motivated & inspired team.  She created Enlightenment Psychic Workshops to enable individuals to Develop and Enhance their Intuitive and Psychic abilities. She has been conducting enlightenment workshops for over two decades at an Individual and Corporate level globally.

Her personal journey led her to become an avid student in the field of, EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line healing & Reiki and that’s just to name a few! Her quest for ‘Shifting the Human Behaviour and developing Hope’ with an in depth research in Social psychology and Parapsychology is noteworthy.

After consolidating research, follow up and reviewing shifts in the lives of Individuals whom she has counselled and her research led her to form Maypa healing that helps an individual to transit through life’s challenges with swiftness and makes it easy to build their health, wealth, relationship and spiritual levels within.

With a mission to empower and shift lives through balancing the logical and the creative brain, she is now also an Expert Facilitator School of awakening. Tarannum is an Influencer on Linkedin and has also been Instrumental in being the 1st to host LinkedIn locals in Mumbai with a mission to empower businesses learning with 4 P’s – Productivity, Passion, Prosperity and Peace.